Treasure Cay

Optional Features include a Circulation Pump

(220V only)

Size:                  81” x 79” x 36”

Jets:                  30 Stainless Steel Jets

Gallons:            320




Plasma Ozone Purification System

Cascading Waterfall


 Electrical 220V / 110V

 AMPS 60A / 20A

 XE Power Pack

 *VGB Compliant Intake

 Pumps (Qty / Size BHP) 1/6 - 1/3

 4kW Heater

 Filtration System Size 50 ft.2

 Icynene™ Insulation

 LED Underwater Lighting


 Interior / Exterior


 Acrylic Surface Material

 Maintenance Free Skirting

 ABS Bottom Surface

 Air Diverters

 On/Off Diverter

 Comfort Padded Headrest


Weight: Dry / Filled (approx.)

600 lbs. / 3160 lbs.

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